Custom LR-300 Model

I was wondering if I could get a custom LR-300 modeled for me. I don’t have much to go on, but I have a PMG picture of what I want, as close as I can get it. Although, I’d want the handguard to be like this one drawing I have, which is waiting to be scanned, but most of the stuff is pretty much as I want it. I couldn’t find a good LR-300 receiver, but you could take that off of another model, I guess.

I’ll get the drawing of what I exactly want up soon as I can, but the basic mods are:
Magpul POE
Lancer Mags
Aimpoint model M4
Flip-down front sight, and Magpul BUIS
Vertical Foregrip
Phantom Flashhider
Short barrel

Here’s the PMG to go on.

i just downloaded a skin of FPSbanana that looks ALMOST EXSACTLY like this,
i don’t have a link but i know it replaces the aug thing i’ll have a look around

So no one’s gonna take this?