Custom made 3D models

first off this is my FREE model page you can do whatever you want with them, don’t have to ask me to port them.

In short
I make your Original 2D characters in 3D, the models are ready for Game import / modding ( if the game supports modding ) or an Animated Scene.
( Both separate you have to port the models / i can provide an animator)

The models are made by me in Blender, Maya Zbrush etc they’re rigged in Blender so far but i’m working on rigging all of them in Maya right now / when i get the time.
some of them are ported for SFM ( source filmmaker ) you can watch me make your models in real time here

most of my stuff is on Tumblr

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This must be related to this shit.

there really needs to be a pinned thread that says:

“we don’t deal with this kind of stuff anymore”

cause i don’t think anyone’s properly dealt with full on nsfw stuff like this, since 2012?

awkward as it is, the forum as a whole doesn’t ban NSFW content

while it’s fun to gawk at the novelty of someone posting models with comedically oversized genitals, it wouldn’t really pose an issue if people ignored it

as to you, EndlessXIII, i don’t think you’re going to find the audience you were hoping for on this forum

Oh man I hope it’s as good as the previous threads.


Oh the nightmares that we have witnessed :cry:

Round 2 time mate, will it be better or worse? Only time will tell. Either way it should be interesting to watch :v:

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what is it about this place that draws in the weirdos???

do you not remember when we used to regularly host nsfw content

because i do

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