Custom makers, Mappers, and Codders needed! HURRY!

Hello Facepunch Community!

I’m glad to announce that i am here to hire 3 people. You MUST have the required skills. First come, First Serve. Please note, you DO NOT get payed for this. You only get recognized in the developing community for your awesome skills and you get to develop one of the best Gamemodes since Garrysmod came out!

What are we making?
We are making the one and only… MW2 Gamemode! Many people may ask, isn’t that just TDM? Well… no, its TDM, Search and destroy, and all other Gamemodes MW2 has! Mappers will be making all the MW2 maps and customs Makers will be making all the MW2 props we need and everything else that fits that category!

—Skills Needed for lua coders—

Knowledge of lua (Obviously)
Knowledge of GameMode Creation
Must be good at it

—Signup Sheet—

Can you lua:
Are you good:
Sample of your work:

—Customs Maker Requirements—

Must now how to make custom guns with custom skins.
Must now how to make custom player skins
Must now how to make custom props
Must be good at it.

Meet Requirements:
Good at it:
Sample of work:

—Mapper Requirements—

Must now how to map
Must now how to make custom textures

Are you good:
How fast are you:
Sample of work:

Please add ---->>>>> allmustdie96 <<<<----- after you fill out an application! REMEMBER, YOU MUST BE GOOD AT IT!

Dear admins/mods, If this isnt the right section, please move it! Thanks

Shitstorm inbound.

Dude, this is going to be a shit HURRICANE. Someone go evacuate New Orleans.


No. Just… no.

First off, a project like this needs someone who can manage people, and can be relied on to see it through. You are a joined-this-month, under-20-posts newb. While you may turn out to be a decent leader, I would be very much surprised if you get anyone to join up.

You exhibited several signs of n00bness in your post. First, the poor grammar indicates an unfamiliarity with what is expected in this forum. Second, the extreme enthusiasm makes you look like a ten-year-old hopped up on sugar, not a professional developer. Third, you seem to be unfamiliar with the rather extensive work that has already been done, porting MW2 content to GMod. Finally, you seem to have problems editing this to be specific to one forum, as you go on about what the mappers and coders need to do. I haven’t checked yet, but I assume you put identical copies of this thread in the mapping and coding forums as well.

Finally, you should NEVER try to start a team project unless you could, yourself, finish the project. Really. It sounds stupid, but you don’t get teams together by saying “hey, let’s do this thing”, you get them together by saying “hey, here’s this thing I made, wanna help make it better?”

You at no point mentioned what skills you are bringing to the project. And no, “management” doesn’t count. Neither does “game designer”, since you’re simply copying an existing game design. So, I’ll end this with a question: what can YOU do? What works have YOU made?


So you’ll rate me disagree, but you can’t actually articulate an argument against me? Yeah, THAT will convince people to help you.

Is this a joke?

2 guy with the same avatar hmmmmm and the Fat Panda is new from October 2010. I think I see an alt here. SunnYY, pablo23x
, ChibiWolf and Fat Panda might be alt from andpie.

[editline] e [/editline]Shit, I’m too dumb to know that the justin bieber is the default avatar

Yes OP, I must resound the questions of my eliquent peers, what skills shall you be contributing to this grand endeavour?

Are you the ideas guy?

it’s the default avatar lmao

Uhh, yeah, no. Also, you are aware that Justin Bieber is the default avatar, no? I’m too lazy to get off my ass and change mine. Also, what?

No offense, but trying to disguise your n00bness just makes your reputation worse.

Also, making a project in which you just do 0% of the work is absolutely dumb. If you want to make a project, at least do 45% of it yourself.

Whos “we”? You’re probably going to make people spend time and make hard work out of a game mode, most likely un-popular. While you sit there, watch, and when done; take credit for everything, or most of it.

Fixed. I learned this the hard way - never start a project unless you can and are willing to do 95% of it yourself. Even if you do get help, you should still be doing the majority of the work, unless it becomes a very large project.

Look at Linux, for example. By now, it’s a massive project, thousands of people. You know what the OP for that project was?

Simple thing: here’s this thing I’ve been working on, here’s what works so far, a few details about the design, a few things running on it, and btw what sort of things would you like on it? Other than one spelling error, that’s a pretty perfect example of how to announce a project.

Finally, why waste people’s time remaking MW2 when they could be working on something more original? I mean, if I wanted to play MW2, I’d just play MW2.

Shit Hurricane is near.

Already here!-HURRY!


Are you actually expecting people do work for a 12yr for free?

i wonder how many times this type of gamemode will be attempted