Custom Map Creation - Kruma Kreations


The basic idea behind this site of mine is to provide maps for those in need of them. However, I do ask for compensation for the time put into creating said maps in return.

I realize not everyone is a fan of this sort of thing, but some people have been interested this before, I know this from personal experience. So I ask that if you don’t agree with sort of thing to just ignore it and move on, however if you’re interested then please visit my website/portfolio for more information.

For those that cannot be bothered to view my site, here is some of my past work:

Feel free to contact me via my site, this thread, or Steam if you’re interested in discussing anything.

Absolutely amazing, but it really pisses me off when people use k instead of c.

Damnit, my use of alliteration has betrayed me, and thanks :v:

Is this the map with the cave in it? I thought i saw this or atleast something similar in a video. Did you ever think of releasing it?

Indeed it is.

That grass :open_mouth:

Those are some nice maps. Is there a place where we can download them? I checked the site and I don’t see download links anywhere…

Well the site isn’t really intended to be used to download the maps, the screenshots are there to portray my capabilities. As for when/where the map in the OP can be downloaded, it will be available for download directly from our update client for Aura, which is what that map is for, the Source mod Aura.

As for the other maps, most are old versions of maps for a Zombie Escape gamemode that is in development for Garry’s Mod called (shockingly) “Escape,” most of the maps are still being worked on, updated, and/or recreated. Those maps will be available for download via the server (when it’s up) and the website (when it’s up).

How do you get 506 hours in 2 weeks?

Open Source SDK.

Quick note, when you say “Once your request is accepted our team will immediately begin working on your map, please keep in mind that some maps can take as little as one week to complete!”, you should also mention how long it can take, or else everyone is going to expect their map done in a week. (Which is bad went it isn’t finished in a week).

Well I figured that since the “can take as little as” is there it implies, well what it’s meant to imply… that some maps could take that long, but if it’s confusing then I’ll edit it no problem.



Nah it isn’t confusing, it’s just building people’s expectations for probable disappointment if it isn’t done as quick as possible. What you have now is much better.