Custom map locations

I wanted to ask a question about maps because I am still a little confused about directories etc.

I have downloaded a bunch of HL2 dm and DoD Source maps and I want to use them in Gmod. When I try placing them in the respective game’s maps dir (HL2DM or DODS), the maps don’t appear at all under their respective branches in Gmod. When I place them all, regardless of intended game, in Gmod’s map dir, some of them show up and some don’t.

Am I doing something wrong and what is the generally applicable way to install maps that are not gm_ or rp_ and use them in GMod?
Thanks in advance!

maps need to be placed in the garrysmod/maps directory to work.

Anything you put in the maps folder should work, but it may be difficult to find them especially if you have a lot, due to the awkward way they might get categorised and the fact that they won’t always properly get alphabetically sorted (any capitalization in the mapname will throw it off, for example)

And sometimes some would be listed under HL2, the others under “Other”. Yes, its chaotic, but it works.

Check, everything goes in gmod/maps, thanks for the replies!

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