[Custom Map w/Custom Villages and Hidden Towns] [Hardcore] [Spawn w/no Crafting] [No Modern Weapons or C4]

This is not the same server as before:


Admins: the lion nessa

No crafting at all when you first spawn (not even default craft options)

You will start off with the Arrow Blueprint and the Stone Hatchet Blueprint.  Research them immediately – if you die or leave the server, there is a good chance you          will lose them until you find them again later in world.

There is an economy system in place, so you can buy a few items you think you need with the $1,000  you start with

    All blueprints are earned through killing animals or looting boxes (%). Rare.

Wood shelters, camp fires, and other basic items are not craftable, but you can buy them until you find the proper blueprints.  

Custom Map.  The map be default is the same but the admin have built villages, small towns, and new town areas with loot boxes inside of them.  All metal buildings are public property and have loot boxes inside that spawn exactly like the default rad areas

Handmade Lockpicks have a 10% chance of opening any door in game.  Rather than C4, this is the system used to raid builds.

We are thinking about implementing grenades as possible, but still unsure.

There is an arrow retrieval system so you can get back your undamaged arrows. This makes shooting arrows a bit more realistic, as well as helps prolong the need to create new arrows each time you shoot one. However if you miss, you lose that arrow.

No major airdrops.  If an airdrop does occur, it will be building supplies, food, or a Handmade Lockpick.

Admins are not responsible for items lost during a server crash

KOS (kill on sight) is permitted, so watch your back at all times

Griefing other players is frowned upon, but if you choose to grief, be prepared to get a taste of your own medicine.

Hackers will be banned.

There is a jail in place.  Arguing with admins (the lion nessa / Celestia) or saying racist remarks will not be tolerated and will get you banned or jail time.	

Admins will play on the server legitimately, which means:
         No teleporting themselves or others; if you're stuck in the rocks, you must suicide out
     No giving of items to themselves or others

Economy System

You can earn money by killing animals; some animals are worth more than others

You may sell back anything; everything has a price

To buy or sell something, type /sell “item name” “amount”

o   For example: /sell “Stone Hatchet” “2”

o   NOTE: items are case sensitive; two-word items require a space

There is no banking system; all the money you have is on your person

If you commit suicide or are killed by an animal, you lose 20% of your money

If you are killed by another player, you lose an additional 20%; total loss of 40%

Except for ammo, explosives, research kits, metal building parts, and blueprints, everything else can be purchased if you have enough money (wood building parts, modern weapons, tools, bandages).

Everything is overpriced, but if totally desperate and you've worked hard enough to collect money, it's possible to spend money on a basic item (unable to research anything bought). However, modern weapons have insanely high prices (because they are no longer made or available in world, the high prices are realistic). The catch?Durability is turned on and the more you use this insanely high priced weapon, the more you've just wasted $125,000 - $250,000. Plus all ammo will have to be found. 

Frequently used commands

/help –
/ehelp – to assist with the economy system
/list – see who is on the server
/ranking killers – see who has the most kills and you probably shouldn’t trade with
/money – to find out your balance
/money top – to see who has the most money
/money “player name” send “amount” – sends money to player
/stats – to see your own stats
/price “item” – to check the buy/sell price; for example: /price “Cooked Chicken Breast”
/price 2 or /price 3 (to change the pages and see the prices on other pages

Examples below:

/buy “Wood” 100 (how you buy Wood)
/share “the lion nessa” (how you share door with friend, use their name not mine)
/req “Pipe Shotgun” (see the pipe shotgun recipe after you have blueprint)

Craftable Weapons (after you find blueprint)
Stone Hatchet
Pipe shotgun
Hand cannon
(You can learn to craft handmade weapons but first you will have to go through the tedious task of looting to actually get a blueprint or the item itself. Again, rare.)

The default recipes for the Pipe Shogun and HandCannon no longer work. The new recipes are below (you must first find the blueprint):

“Pipe Shotgun”
1 hatchet
1 handmade lockpick
1 furnace
1 workbench
2 wood
50 gunpowder
100 metal fragments
100 leather
150 cloth
150 low grade fuel
200 low quality metal

“Hand Cannon”
1 furnace
1 workbench
1 hatchet
1 lockpick
1 wood
50 metal fragments
50 cloth
50 leather
150 low quality metal

You can type /req “HandCannon” or /req “Pipe Shotgun” in world to get the recipe. Yes, you will need these items IN your inventory in order to craft these weapons. It’s hard because it shouldn’t be easy.

Modern weapons (Bolt Rifle, Revolver Shotgun, M4, P250, 9mm)
Explosives and explosive charges
Metal building parts
Ammo – Can only be found in loot boxes or red animal drops. Weapon or not, once you are out of bullets, you will have to go back to gathering and using a bow.

Q1: Does that means it’s impossible to raid?
A1: No, to keep with the theme, you can use Handmade Lockpicks to open doors. However, the % of them working is extremely low and you cannot craft a Lockpick. This means you have to find them or loot them, or kill for them. Simply put the lockpick on your belt and walk up to a door like you normally would and click the “Open”. If it works the door will open (you lose lockpick), if it doesn’t, nothing happens (and you still lose lockpick). Yes, you get only one try only. So it’s possible to be raided, but only if you’ve traded well for lockpicks or you stockpile them over time. Otherwise, focus on developing your own build and saving money for rare items.

Things we didn’t do that we know would make things harder/longer but feel it would hurt game play:
Change crafting time. Possible but I hate crafting time as is and I do not think longer crafting times makes it more survival or harder. It just makes it boring.

Change resources to spawn less frequently. I love seeing new piles of wood and rock spawn, and I did not want this to change no matter what. Working the fields and gathering is fun for me, so the last thing I wanted is empty fields (I can get that in the crowded official servers). 


…also, feedback is welcomed.

Just some doubts/suggestion:


  1. “You may sell back anything; everything has a price”. Some items like damaged tools, rocks, Cloth Vests, Cloth Boots, … do not have price, right?

  2. Is the Sleep mode on? I have seem some sleepers around the world.


  1. If you are killed by another player, you lose an additional 20%; total loss of 40%”.
    It could be changed to “*If you are killed by another player, you **receive *an additional 20%. The money came from the killer:slight_smile: lol.
    What to win by killing? The Killer luck on the Killed loot.

Keep Alive,