Custom Map

Im looking for a custom map for my server (RPC Gaming)

Looking for free. Will be giving high rank on server.

Cheap is more on my description, free admin won’t go anywhere with anyone my good sir! tips hat

Depending on the type of work of course, but an average mapper would charge a base of at least 40. I usually do them for half that amount c:

is RPC Gaming the number one server of its type on the listings?
In that case no one will even consider that offer.

Unless this map is the smallest of the small, you won’t get anything for free. Mapping takes a lot of time (if you want something quality), and a “high rank” means absolutely nothing. I mean, I could call you “Legendary Master of the Ancient World” after you wrote me a book, but that probably wouldn’t make you feel like what you did was worth it.

Juuust throwing it in there, I’ve got a huge portfolio of stuff I can show you, and if you want a map making I’m more than happy to for a negotiable cost depending on precisely what it is you want.

Since I presume nobody here knows who you are, it should really have stood to reason nobody will do it for free. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I cannot guarantee the map will be of high quality, but I am willing to create a map for you for free. If you could contact me on Steam, via PM, or response to the thread, we can work out the details.