Custom Map


Sorry for my English, I speak French ^^

So, I make a Garry’s mod sevrer ( DarkRP ) and I need a custom map like

If someone can make a map like that, reply to the thread ( I pay of curse. Budget : $300 to $500)


There are some very good map developers, if you re-search you could find some useful people.


I didn’t found a good developer :confused:

Then you haven’t looked hard enough. There are plenty of awesome mappers in the mapping section. You might also want to consider making a job on ScriptFodder (sort of the place to request people do paid work for you). Post edited because I can’t tell Ruler19 that signing a post is bannable - Mapping section.

Watch out James, warning people about bans is also bannable (spare my soul please)

Fixed :wink:

Could you perhaps tell me the name of the map so I could download it and look at it?