Custom Maplist?

Hi there!

Is there any way to create a custom category with maps of my choice in the main menu? Like a spawnlist for props? I asked Google for like over an hour now and found nothing.

Thank you guys, would be awesome!

Oh, do you mean how maps are split into gamemode categories? Like, Sandbox maps, TTT, etc.

Yes exactly. And I’d like to have a category named e.g. “My Maps” where I can list some maps that I want.

The only way I know of, and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, is to create a gamemode, name it after the category you want and then set the gamemode to recognise maps of a certain prefix.

Won’t take that long honestly, and if you set it up once, you can just copy/paste and edit a line or two.

Thank you :slight_smile: !

I’ll try to figure it out. Can’t be too hard I guess.