Custom maps (Any) Don't load.

Well recently I made a post about phys maps not loading correctly but now i figured out its any custom map from the steam workshop (Only in singleplayer)…

It loads, Screen freezes then black screen and a crash.

Is anyone else having this problem at all? It must of been some sort of update.

If it helps I never re-installed my garry’smod yet so its still in my account folder and NOT common.

Verify the game cache. All Steam Pipe games now use the common folder. If it isn’t there, Try re-installing.

I re-installed. the maps still freeze.

Yeah, like I posted in sonny’s prev thread, I STILL have an issue, thay may be connected with this one. Any map, even the gm_construct or gm_flatgrass will not work in SP, but weirdly enough, they will in MP(even a 2 ppl local server will do). By “doesn’t work” i mean it just freezes on “initializing game data”. The game is frozen, and reacts only to ESC key, and after hitting it my mouse cursor just disappears, being visible only on Windows taskbar when I alt-tab to shut the process. I verified game cache, reinstalled GMOD, I haven’t tried removing any addons though. But I don’t think they are the issue, because if they were conflicting in Gmod, the MP wouldn’t work too, am I right? If anyone has stumbled upon the fix for this, please post a link, because I’m either blind as a mole, or every search on Google seems to be unfixed/fixes there didn’t work.

I think the problem is with the dev version. I opted out of the dev version, and now the maps load again.

Now fixed in the release version.