Custom Maps - Missing Water Texture

I currently having trouble with several custom maps which I downloaded. The water in these maps looks perfectly fine from above, but when your under-water and look up there is the Missing Texture Purple and Black squares. So you can’t see out of the water.

I currently own Half-Life 2, Episode 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike Source, Portal, and Day of Defeat: Source. I also have Source mods: Dystopia, PVK 2 and Zombie Panic Source.

I don’t know where I’m missing the textures from.

Here are some of my system specs if it helps. I think I have Direct X 9.0c software, and Direct X 8.1 hardware.
Operating System: 32-Bit Windows Vista Home Premium
Ram: 2 GB (2x 1 GB rams)
Processor: Intel Celeron CPU 2.20 GHz
Virtual Memory: 3.98 GB
BIOS: INSYDE 2.20 9/12/2009

What maps have you been having problems with?

GM_Bay, GM_Isles, GM_Urbia, and the The Dogfight Arcade Assault maps.

Processor: Intel Celeron CPU 2.20 GHz

DUDE :v:

I can run all of these source games fine, without issue, except this one with GMOD and a missing texture

i guess you run the game with very low quality right?

Yep, it’s still fun, I’ve logged over 120 hours on it. rarely any Frame Rate Issue.

Have you forced directx 8.1 rendering method ? (the launch option you type is -dxlevel 81) If you have then maybe those maps rely on something your card can not do.

What video card are you using. from your specs you do not say, but i could only imagine you are using the stank ho on board intel graphics chip. and if you are just be glad the game at least runs.

I think that these maps in question use water effects that your graphics chip does not support which is why you are seeing these issues.

I haven’t required to use 8.1 direct x command. All I had to do was to put the -windowed, and then change the screen resolution to get the game to run.

Video card is: Intel Chipset 4 family for laptops.

I believe that all the maps are using a water single texture, it works fine from the surface, but when I’m underwater all I get is this:

Try setting the directx launch option and see if that helps.

But you are seeing this issue because obviously that intel chip doesn’t support the effects its trying to use (its a shader funtion). which it why you see that texture.

have you allocated the max amount of ram to the graphics chip (only settable in bios if it gives you the option, because you could be running out of video ram).

okay I’ll try it.

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It didn’t work. I must have a missing water texture. Could someone upload theres?

these maps run fine on my computer.

Here is a screenshot under water in GM_Bay

Like i said, the maps are fine, its because you are using a intel graphics chip and it doesn’t support the method (shader funtion) what this water is trying to use

Im using an ATI Radeon 5450 1GB card and I get the same issue.

Yeah but using a intel GPU you can sort of expect these issues, but a Radeon 5450 not so much. Something has to be the matter with your system (hardware setting, driver issue, or a hardware conflict) or game install or a game addon causing chaos. If a old GeForce 6800 GT can display these maps without issue then somethings wrong if a Radeon 5450 has issues on these maps.