Custom Material Bumpmapping / HDR Problem

the red wall has a default material on it every other wall has a custom material.
as you can see the light i created effects only the default wall (ok its quite dark but you’d know what i mean).
every other wall is shining like a sun and does not change its hdr when i fiddle with the brightness.
another problem is the bump mapping:
the promised bump mapping does not appear at the walls.

what shall i do ?
Cheers i.a.

Greez Chris

check the vmt, i think that would be it.

dunno what to add tho. :confused:

Post the VMT please?

It looks fullbright to me. Is there even any lighting?

EDIT: Scratch that, just post the VMTs your using.

be sure to use “lightmappedgeneric”
and not
or “vertexlitgeneric”

thats the custom pack where i got my materials from

“$basetexture” “CustomText/GC Textures/Asphalt/Asphalt02_Cracked”
“$bumpmap” “CustomText/GC Textures/Asphalt/Asphalt02_Cracked_normal”
“$surfaceprop” “concrete”