Custom Materials and models

Hi i make map for garrysmod with custom Materials and Models.And i send it my friend.When he enable this map then he got my custom Materials (Textures) color Black-Pink.And my Model is error.How put Materials (texture) and models with Bsp IN map np Potc is custom model called parrot how put models and texture,materials to .bsp ?

I can’t understand you too well, but I’m guessing you want to pack your custom content into a .BSP file try VIDE

If you dont understand i tell it easy.

I play map Potc this map got custom textures.And It map dont need anything put to materials/models folder.I want do this same. Make map with custom texture.I want put materials and models to .bsp

try VIDE

I’m assuming English isn’t your first language.

thanks for help.This VIDE Is very helpfull tool i must only learn 100% use it.