Custom max players?


I’d like to have my Gmod server host a maximum of 50 players. The only two options are 32 and 64 players on the Gmod menu and using “maxplayers 50” gives me the error that says the server cannot be running while doing that command.

Is there any way I can set the max players to a custom number?

Not without editing game files. You are not supposed to host high player amount servers with GMod CLIENT for long periods of time.

You are supposed to use srcds for that.

Setting up a local SRCDS is really EASY and is very beneficial. Instead of risking a crash where your client is the server and the server is the client meaning everyone gets disconnected if your client OR “server” has an issue, you can set up SRCDS ( very stable ) and if your client crashes it is no big deal… Reconnect.

How to set up a local SRCDS ( the most important part is forcing the directory; all bat files are there depending on what you want to do and what content you want on the server )

Setting up FastDL: