Custom Menu for DarkRP

Hi, I am looking for a Custom Menu that will have a prop list and a tool list and also a rule tab. Kinda like flood, But not directly from it. If someone is willing to do this, If you have a paypal, I am most likely to pay. I can give you the props and tools that I want in a pm you can send me. If anyone is interested, Please pm or post. Thanks.


Add me, I might give it a shot.

So you want a menu that you can use to select props to spawn and tools to use? Do you want this to be integrated with DarkRP or seperate and how much will you be paying? Any other specifics that you want? Post in as much detail as possible for us to be able to help.

I’ve been looking for this functionality as well! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Throw the project to sintwins. Aint got the patience.

60 bucks, and ill do it.


Im fuckin serious, you want it or not 60 bucks this isnt cheap

Damn right it aint cheap.

Well you overprice everything and sintwins is already doing it. Jesus christ, 60 bucks? Fuck that…

I just regard roleplay word as a troll normally, since really anything you ask for he does that shit…

After all roleplay word, this isn’t a contract forum…its a request forum.