Custom menu music not playing

Hey guys, as the title says, my menu music won’t play. Under mymod/sound/ui I have two files called Gamestartup1 and Gamestartup2, both wav.

// Game Menu Music Theme
play \sound\ui\Gamestartup1.wav
play \sound\ui\Gamestartup2.wav

Even if I only select one to play instead of having them both in the code, it still doesn’t play, why is it doing that?

What is the property of the wav files?
It must be: 11, 22, or 44 kHz


Does it play from hammer if you use the sounds browser?

// Game Menu Music Theme
play \ui\Gamestartup1.wav
play \ui\Gamestartup2.wav

Try That.

Also don’t most if not all Source games require the gamestartup# files to be in .mp3 extension?

It works!! Thank you Moja!! but it only plays the theme once. (Each theme is roughly 40 seconds) Is there a way to make it loop?

Give me the sound files and I can make them loops for about 2 minutes, otherwise you could
build the background music into a background map. Using an “Ambient_generic”.

Hmm, I do appreciate your offer, but if you’re saying that without using a static map background, it cannot loop? If that is the case I’ll just tweak the sound files.