Custom Model Textures Messed Up

So for tf2, I’m modifying some custom made models for all the classes. So far I have three models finished and I’m moving on to the Sniper. One problem though is when rendering his decompiled components, his in-game model has textures all misplaced, stretched and for some reason in stripe patterns and it’s not even just my customized model, it’s the model in general (and yes, the disordered textures are from it’s vtf). Using the default custom model files seems to work fine but when decompiling/compiling it again, all the textures get botched. I did check the UV image mapping in blender and the faces assigned to the texture seem perfectly orderly. I don’t want to have to redo the entire UV since there’s some other issue. So yeah, not sure what to do here.

EDIT: It would seem that the UV image mapping was in fact wrongly placed as the custom models have their UV maps outside of the actual box. Thing though is that it usually works for some of the models but not for all.