Custom Model Wheel Rotate

I have a custom model wheel. I want it to rotate for my car. How do i make it rotate? I’m using prop_dynamics

you could use func_rotating and parent the wheel to the func_rotating

did that, doesn’t work

attach one bone to the entire object, animate it, then export the animation. Compile your qc referencing the animation smd

er what? lol. Can you do a video or something :slight_smile:

if you made your custom model, you should still have your 3ds max/maya/blender/etc. file. Open that back up, attach a bone and set the bone weights to be 100% on every vertex. Then proceed to animate the bone with the regular animation tools. When you export, set it to export as an animation, not a model. Place that new .smd file where your original .smd and your .qc files are, add a line to your qc file to reference that animation, recompile the model.

I’m surprised the parenting to a func_rotating didn’t work though…