Custom Modelers needed, maybe concept artists as well.

Hello, the name is Deathtrooper, and let me introduce myself

Well i have been working on a series called LEVIATHAN RISING, and i was wondering if any of you guys wanted to help out with the project. Trust me it will be an enjoyable experience. Its a SCI-FI story set in the years of 2500-2600 A.D. and the story is about a fictional war of the Sol Empire against the Praetor clans.

I have been working on this project for about 1 and a half years by now, but now i have been getting real progress into the project and i am using Source Filmmaker as the main animating tool.

Usual these are the kind of models we will probably need.

Alien models (dont worry ill get some concept art posted in a while, also the Praetors are insectoid if you want to start)
Futuristic vehicles, tanks, aircraft, dropships, mechs, etc.
Futuristic Skyscrapers for scene build and probably for maps to create city scenes,
Space ships, Frigates, Corvettes, Fighters, Dreadnoughts, etc.
Alien fauna, plants, and alien looking rock formations. Also if you want to make your own alien fauna or crap. Go ahead.
A lot of miscellaneous models like just normal SCI-FI props would work.

And if you guys help, i will give anything that you want in Return.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the group

here is a sneak peak, all of those models are placeholders

Here is an idea of how the Praetor vehicles would look like, (these aren’t mine). They are mostly insectoid in design. So basically their forces would look like a bunch of giant Robot Scorpions with laser cannons on their tails blasting at Human forces. Also another note, most of the Praetor cities are mostly underground. So mostly the only structure you would see are the massive spires that dot across the surface of their worlds.


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You may have better luck asking on a blender artists forum. I would offer my help towards the project, but I’m still shit at modeling and stuff and have only been learning for a few months. :frowning: