Custom Modeller Needed

I’m new to here so don’t say a thing, lets cut to the chase. I would very much like someone who has at least has some talent in 3d modelling, to make a custom model based on my OC for deviantart. Keep in mind, I have no money to give so this will more of a charitable thing or something for you to work on in your spare time. I will provide a link at the end of this that leads to a rough design of my OC. NO, I don’t want a playermodel, I find those useless. I need a model STRICTY for posing.

Link: (note, I don’t really care about the sword it’s the model and shield I would like.)

I’m not quite sure about the head but as for, well, basically everything else, models from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare would fit just about perfectly. I can’t seem to find any links to ragdolls (perhaps they haven’t been ported yet) but asking for a model to be ported greatly increases your chances over asking for one to be made from scratch, especially when no compensation is involved.

There is this one post I found. It could act as a start.

I could use the practice. I’ll do it for ya.


Quick rough out I did.

Making it from scratch because it’s much less boring.


Also a couple things.

  1. Demands? Seriously? Requests, man. Requests. You really think modelers are just sitting around waiting for you to give them ideas? I did this on a whim. Here, the chances of that happening are like 0.

  2. Christ, I like practice, but seriously? All of that? Bodygroups, some tool I’ve never even used? I’ll see what I can do, but I’m definitely not promising all of that.

  3. And "THIS IS MY OC!"

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to steal your OC. Ever. EVER.

And with that, I’ll continue working on your request.

Waaa waaa I’m so angry look at me >:C

I like your name, handsome stranger.

You know, the elite knight set and the helmet that Solaire of Astora wears in Dark Souls would probably work well for this request if the OP doesn’t mind a quick model hack. Just throwing that out there.

Yeah, that’s probably true. The OP would probably be able to get most of the features he wanted if somebody did it that way. I’ve just always hated porting things.

I’m just going to keep doing this for now til he wanders back here though.




I should probably stop neglecting those boots about now.

I think the models from medieval warfare would match perfectly if someone would rip them.

They’re already been ripped, they just haven’t really been rigged with player animations. The game is on Unreal Engine 3 anyway which is probably one of the easiest engines to port from thanks to umodel. Really the only thing left to worry about is the custom face/head he wants.

That’s fine, he said he doesn’t want a player model, just a ragdoll.

Wow, just wow. I can’t thank you enough man. Cheers. An yes, I should’ve refrased that bit to “requests” instead of demands, I didn’t think of it like that.

Hah, my bad. I did over-react to that a bit, as PolytizeNthin pointed out. After I read that I got pretty angry because I just assumed you were all self-entitled and what not.


Anyways, I’ll keep ya updated!

Hah, my bad. I did over-react to that a bit, as PolytizeNthin pointed out. After I read that I got pretty angry because I just assumed you were all self-entitled and what not.


Anyways, I’ll keep ya updated!

Thanks! :smile:



Oh right. Ignore the 9,000 polys, I’ve got a citizen model hidden in the scene for size reference. Face is ~2,500 at the moment. The body is…much less. Gotta fix that.

Tunnel vision etc.



Sorry for the lack of updates, kinda had a rough week at the office. Been really killin’ me lately. I’ll probably just update this when I finish it. Within the next 4 or 5 days hopefully.

Looking good so far. This isn’t done yet I’m already sh*tting my self! :dance:

Heya, man. Sorry, been having a pretty rough last couple of weeks with work.

I don’t have access to my other computer for a while either, so I just re-sculpted the entire thing in Mudbox. After I get the arms done I’ll re-topologize it and texture it and this thing should finally be done for the most part. I can mess with the facial morphs and what not later.

Also add me on Steam.


Edit 2:

Gettin’ there.

Edit 3:

Edit 4:

It’s alright man, as long as it gets done. You’re doin’ good so far!

Awesome! after you finish this do you know if you could try 1 for me, ive been trying to find someone who could model very good to do a custom Emmett Graves from Starhawk? since the only 2 games he is on is for ps3, starhawk and dlc for playstation all-stars