Custom models doesnt load textures.

So i wanted to create prop models to my map. But model doesnt load textures. I have re-coded the .qc file in case if i did some gramar errors in, but its still doesnt work.
Heres the .qc file

The model loads fine, but still textures doesnt load.
Heres the vmt file.

I’ll be really apriciated for the help.

As a newbie modeler i had the same problem. (not that i’m assuming you are a newbie modeler) The .vtf/.vmt need to be named the same as they were when you loaded them into the modeling program. specifically, a model with texture image.tga is written in the smd as having a texture by that name. if you’re not sure, open the .smd in a text editor to check. as far as i can tell, the texture needs to be an image(but again i’m very new). I hope that helped.

Your qc is pointing “models/props/box_sdk” as the material folder, while the .vmt is pointing to a texture named “box_sdk” in a folder that’s just “models/props”

After fixing the directory for materials the model doesnt load, it says [Error loading model].

Make sure the directory of the texture that you assigned to your model in your program is the same as it is in your qc. Also check for any typos in the folder names.

pastebin the model smd. Also tell us about the folder paths the materials are in.

Model path:
Material path:
vmt path:

What is the name of the material?

Same as the model

again, pastebin your SMD

your texture is called material, that’s your problem. Also doesn’t have an extemsion, though that should’t cause issues.

Remember with source to assign a bitmap texture as opposed to a material.

Oh thanks! It’s finaly working. I think this tread is closed