Custom Models help Gmod 13!

Hello again, I have a rather peculiar problems that I need help with.

I want three custom models on my server, The Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn, I have downloaded the files, uploaded them to the server and set up a fastdl.lua in lua > autorun > server that looks like this:

I then set up a custom job to test the Harley skin:

I then connected to my server, my files started to download as they should, but the Harley model wasn’t working right… The model seemed fine, but the textures were missing. (Pink and black checkerboards) and she wasn’t holding the weapons/tools correctly.

I went to my clientside steam directory and into garrysmod/batmanmodels to see if the files had downloaded… Strangely enough the folder structure was there but they were all empty? They were located in the downloads folder in garrysmod/downloads.

I found this odd, so I changed the job model to downloads/batmanmodels/BatmanHarleyJoker/models/slow/arkham_asylum/harley_quinn/slow.mdl

This fixed the ‘Error’ showing up as the job icon, but Harley still had no textures, still all pink and black.

Can anyone tell me what’s going wrong? Do I need a fastDL? ):

Thanks in advance.