Custom models in Darkrp

Ok. I got a fastDL set up. I tried to use dasboshitts custom combine models with top hats.

The fastdl won’t download the files required for it. I have the models and materials folder put into the right location.

Also i tried using a hitler model and it downloaded the files, but the model still showed up as an error.

How do i make these work?

Suggest you read this:

I read a few tutorials on that, does that use fastdl or does it use the server itself?

I read that one before also. I would rather use fastdl because it won’t be a slow download.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, so you need to open your server.cfg file and do it from there.

Well ill keep the link open. Im attempting to add 3 new cars to the server. If i have any problems i use those resource commands. Thanks.