Custom models

I’ve added a few models to my darkRP server and I was wondering, how would I turn those models into player models? If there is a topic about this already (For the current DarkRP version) then can you please link me to it.
Thankyou in advance,
Tristian Wood

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More information: A few people have told me that it is an animation error.


I believe it is an animation error to do with mdl files. As I haven’t gotten a reply as of yet I’ll show you the error

If it’s a Valve model (L4D, HL2, etc.) you can try putting instead of /models/<model>.mdl, /models/player/<model>.mdl. If it’s something from CS:S (not related here), you can try removing the t_ and the ct_ in front of the models.

Didn’t work, but thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Can you show me the path of the model? Maybe it’s just a little more complicated.

Probably not helpful, but you could just make them all pink and give them the rp job “Patrick”.


I still think its an animation error.

Do they show up as a T-Posed ragdoll or not?

Yes a floating T-Posed ragdoll

It means they are just models, not playermodels. They can’t be used for playermodels unless they’re fitted to bones and stuff like that.

But it’s doable, although I’d doubt you will be able to do it.

Sorry, I thought I was replying to another thread with the same problem (Mann vs Machine ragdolls). Anyways, try to find a playermodel if you want to use it, that’s the only thing I can think of.

If you can tell me how to do it, I shall attempt to do it, at all costs :slight_smile:

You need to decompile it and add player animations

$includemodel “m_anm.mdl”
$includemodel “m_gst.mdl”
$includemodel “m_pst.mdl”
$includemodel “m_shd.mdl”
$includemodel “m_ss.mdl”

paste that under the other $includemodel command lines in the qc, then recompile it

Thanks, but what program can decompile and recompile .mdl files?

bump (what program can decompile and recompile .mdl files?) really need help with this, thanks

bump (what program can decompile and recompile .mdl files?) really need help with this, thanks

give me a link to all the model you’re using
All but the NYPD models are broken.