Custom MOTD

I was wondering how to get a head start or maybe someone can whip 1 up possibly on modifying the MOTD that pops up when someone joins a TTT server. It currently uses ULX and pops up as a dull white border with a web page as the MOTD. I was wondering how to edit it to make the border light blue and show an image instead. A price for this would be helpful.

There’s a VERY easy way to make a pretty HTML file.

Open microsoft word.
Design a webpage.
Click Save As…
Save as HTML file.
Boom. The file will be converted to HTML and most if not all the formatting will persist.
Put it on dropbox and link the MOTD to that dropbox and boom, you have a pretty MOTD.

DO NOT use Microsoft Word… It leaves crap in the file and can cause problems, always use a basic text editor or program meant for it.

Notepad++ ftw? :stuck_out_tongue: or of course if you’re REALLY new to html: Adobe Dreamweaver, so you can at least use the simple GUI for html coding xD