Custom MP3's cause Garrysmod to Crash.

This is a problem I had before maybe a month or two ago which I tried and tried to fix but to no avail only for it to disappear on its own. Well as of yesterday it’s come back and my Garrysmod will immediately crash as soon as a custom MP3 is played. The only thing that had changed between Gmod working properly and the crashing was that I installed and played Planetside 2, but I am not sure if that has a connection. Anyone know of any causes for this problem? I have already reinstalled Garrysmod.

try to play .wav files

It’s only mp3s that cause gmod to crash. Its very annoying since most servers and gamemodes have custom mp3s.

Pls help

help pls

Try using .wavs and see if that changes anything.

I have already stated above that it’s only mp3s. I have already tested this. The problem is that if a custom map or gamemode uses an mp3, I have no control over it and I crash.

Update your audio drivers/codecs.

I’ll give it a try