Custom music isn't working

I have this custom music I want in the game. It’s not working in Hammer nor in-game, although I can listen to it just fine in the media player. It’s a .wav file.

I put the wav file in the Steam\steamapps\modname\sound\modname folder. Yes, I created my own sound folder. You are supposed to, right? Anyway, I put it in steam\steamapps\username\half-life 2\hl2\sound\modname folder as well. Yet it wont play, not even the preview.

And yes, I do have an ambient generic.

should be .wav in 44khz format

It’s 44khz.

EDIT: Alright, managed to fix the preview but it still isn’t working in-game. I just want it to play automatically as you start the game, do I really need a trigger to make it play?

I believe so.

Also if you have more questions, try using the mega thread(s) so it doesn’t clutter up the main section.

Alright, I’ll remember that 'til next time.

Still, I want the music to “play” out of the radio automatically, so a trigger that starts playing once you step into it doesn’t seem like a good solution. If I use a trigger it’ll play everywhere around me, destroying the atmosphere I’m hoping to create.

Try using a logic_auto

What is the Player supposed to mean? I can’t find any “Player” option in “Via this input”.

Instead of radio, do it with the name of the music entity

then when that song’s finished go into the music entity and create an output to play another song when it’s done if you want

so like this


then in songlol’s outputs

OnFinished (whatever it is)|song2|PlaySound

and henceforth

Still doesn’t appear any music.

snd_rebuildsoundcache in console

only explanation i can offer.