Custom muzzleflash and shells?

Working on a swep pack, so I need to do custom muzzleflashes and shells without replacing other ones. How so? ( I only mean the code. )

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Might be nice if you gave us some actual code…

He isnt asking what’s wrong with his code, he’s asking how to go about the code

You’ll want to learn how to use particle emitters and LUA effects

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And what game are your viewmodels from/for?

From Kingpin: Life of crime for Garry’s mod.

Never heard of it
do they have their own shell effects?

Yes, the game has own shell models.

well then you’ll need to substitute the firing animation in order to not trigger the muzzle/shell events

Yeah, I know how to do that. But I don’t know how to add my own in lua file.

you mean, effects?

hmm. I can’t exactly thing of any good example effects for you to look at but if I find one I’ll tell you