Custom npc spawning only

Pretty much what title says, but I will go further in detail since it wouldn’t make sense. How would I go about making it so clients may only spawn custom npcs, for example: Antilion Guards take forever to kill. You could lower the health but that’s not what I’m asking. I am wondering how you can make it so if you try to spawn a Poison Headcrab (example’d) it will say “You cannot spawn this NPC” And if you try to spawn a regular HeadCrab (example’d) Then it will let you. I searched around and didn’t find any topics. So if you find one topic about this im deeply sorry and would you lead me to it? If there isnt one and I was right (about no topics) then gloats Back to topic; It probably would only take about 8 lines of code depending on how many npc’s I want to be allowed to spawn and how many not.

Oh my gosh… this is exactly what I was looking for… Thanks cubar! :open_mouth: