Custom player animations?

So, I’ve been wanting to get into the world of animation. One thing I wanted to cover is player animations that are compatible with any player model. I’ve noticed gmod has quite a few built in on it’s own. Basically, my goal is to not make a model, but to move around the players skeleton to create new forms of animation. How would I go about something like this?

Experiment with:

Entity:SetBoneMatrix - sets position/angle of bones

Entity:GetBoneMatrix - get position/angle of bones

VMatrix:SetAngles - set angle of a matrix

VMatrix:SetTranslation - set translation of a matrix

Entity:GetBoneCount - get the number of bones (they will be numbered from 0 to this)

The general idea for animation is

[lua]for j = 0, Entity:GetBoneCount() do
matrix = Entity:GetBoneMatrix( j )
– matrix:SetAngles, matrix:SetTranslation, according to the frames you have
Entity:SetBoneMatrix( matrix )

This tool is also really good:

These could work, but to rephrase; would it be possible to make a model animation compatible with player models? Just not an entirely new model. I would be interested in working in an actual model program to manipulate player movements

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How would you go about creating frames? Wouldn’t there have to be some sort of inbetween delay to perform a smooth interpolation? Such as a think hook