Custom Player Model = FPS DROP ?

Hello guys!
I made some custom player models for my Server,

But when there is more than 20 Players that use the custom player models that i made, then

Everyone gets 10-20FPS

Is that normal?

Depends on a couple of factors:
What’s the polygon count of that model?
Is it using relatively high textures?
Does it have a lot of jiggle bones?
Is the collision model ok?
It’s best you post the QC, if the issue isn’t in the QC then it’ll be with the SMD’s that make up the model.

There is a possibility that this could just be bad map optimization as well, in case all 20 players are around the same area, thus rendering all playermodels at once.

Here is the PlayerModel i made:

.qc File:

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Here is my phymodel.smd:

My Ragdoll.smd :

I really love your work on that model, being a huge harry potter fan myself. Congrats!

Does anyone know why i get FPS DROP please?


You havent answered about the map yet. Is it laggy on every map you play ?

Yes, we get a lot of FPS Drop on every map

I don’t see any LODs mentioned in the qc. Did you make any? At the very least LOD the bones. Look at a Valve .QC and notice how certain bones are merged along with each LOD

So you think that my problem is coming from the .QC File?

If that’s the full QC you posted earlier then you’re missing all the $lod. If you need help, here’s an article on how it works and how to use it and here’s a good tutorial on how to make some. Of course, as with anything, player models are gonna be a bit difficult.