Custom Player Model Requests - Post 'em here

Hey, everyone!

I’m sure some of you have seen my Grinch player model thread. I’m almost done, it’s looking pretty good in Garry’s Mod, but I’m currently working on some custom animations for it for a Unity project I’m working on.

I know some of you are interested in that kind of thing, so I figured I’d include the custom Unity animations with the pack once I get it done so you can make your own extremely unlicensed and illegal Grinch games before Christmas rolls around. Er. What I mean to say is your own totally-not-the-Grinch games.[/T]

(You’re a mean one, Mr. Blinch)

Anyways, once I’m done with that I’m actually kind of interested in making a couple of custom player models for you guys. Here’s some examples of my past work:

[T][/T] [T][/T] [T][/T]

[T][/T] [T][/T] [T][/T]

[T][/T] [T]

You get the point. I’m not amazing, but I’ll get the job done for ya.

So this thread is for you guys to post your custom characters you want to be a player model, and if I think it looks like a fun challenge that I’d also want to see in-game, then I’ll get it done for you in a week or 2.

I do not do ports or reskins. Anything that you request and I approve of will be done from scratch by me, so if it exists in another game already then you’re probably better off getting it ported since it’d be better quality anyways. That being said though, if you have a game character who’s dated or needs a graphical update then I might still be interested in doing it. If your character only exists in 2D, then that’s even better. I like a challenge!

Also for now I will only be doing player models. I’m feeling pretty lazy, so I won’t be doing faceposing and the like.

Anyways with that out of the way, just post the name of the character and a picture for reference and I’ll quote you if I decide to do it!

I look forward to seeing what you guys suggest!

Bill Cipher from gravity falls maybe?

Seems easy enough, consider it done! I’ll post it up some time next week. I’ll fix it up with some over the top phong and bloom and what not.

Keep those requests coming though, I doubt that one is going to take me long :weeb:

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for a decent bill cipher model for quite a while, what you’re doing is great :smiley:

If it’s possible, can I ask for a model of Janus Cascade from Wild Arms 3?

For those of you who think I am still at it regarding these kinds of things, you are thinking correctly.

What about Original Series Kirk and Spock? I’d like that.

Not impressive? Are you kidding? This is pretty dang amazing. You got a very realistic modeling style and you’re texture work is pretty impressive, too.

Honestly, I know a model’s already out there from Poker night; But what about Ash Williams? Honestly in a style like your’s it’d be pretty accurate to The Evil Dead’s grim grind-house themes.[/thumb]

Jeez, you requested that a year ago? Must be a pretty obscure game if nobody’s done it. I’ve always wondered if I could actually make that art style look okay in 3D, but those crazy proportions and overwhelming number of belts kind of put me off. Maybe. I’ll mess around with it when I get some free time and if I don’t end up throwing my tablet against the wall I’ll do it.

Ah, sorry, I’ve never really been a fan. I could always use more practice for real people and everything, but I don’t know, for some reason I just find it kind of depressing.

Hahaha yeah he does look a lot like Guybrush Threepwood in Poker Night is what I always thought. You flatter me though, I’m not sure if I could make one that’d be that realistic. I’m a pretty big fan of that one though, so I’ll give it a shot. I’ll get back to you.

These’ll probably keep me busy for a bit, but go right ahead and keep posting. I’ve actually got some vacation time off work coming up soon, so I might be able to pick up a couple more. I was kind of hoping for something a bit more silly. I might do the Miser Brothers or something. I’ve always regretted not getting a Steam workshop/model showcase type deal going for Garry’s Mod, so these’ll help a bit I’m sure.

I’ll post WIP screenshots as I get to them. I might PM the 3 of you if I need your personal preference on something as I go along.

would you be interested in turning ragdolls into playermodels? Like

Milan Fras playermodel would be the shit[/t]

You honestly are amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone take requests for free, even if you only get one or two done it’s still so kind that your contributing to the community like this.

You seem to like scary-type stuff and when I saw your work all I could think about for some reason was King Ramses from that Courage the Cowardly Dog episode. That could make for a good project!

D’aww thanks. I’ve always just really liked this community, and I probably never would have even learned this stuff without it!

And yes, I absolutely love monsters and horror games! I won’t make any more promises til after I finish these, but I’ll let you know after I finish 1 or 2.

Everyone loves blockout hype. Probably.

is it just playermodel requests your taking?

if not id like to request a simple prop.

Well, originally I was just trying to practice getting things into the source engine with Blender and getting some sculpting practice at the same time, but I’ve got things pretty well down now, so I think if anything doing a prop here and there would just be less steps. What did you have in mind?

i was gonna request a MSX cartridge

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if you are intrested in doing it il give you more info in a PM

Sure thing!

This’ll probably be the only extra one I take for now. I’ll have to catch up first.

I wonder if you can make a Neimoidian from Star Wars

o wow i didnt notice your post but whenever you can you got one ready i guess friend

No worries, man!

So I hear you like spooky stuff. Well, should you ever come across Stephen Gammell’s artwork, I will both love, and hate you, at the same time.

Not gonna post pics because are you nuts?! :stuck_out_tongue: