Custom player models don't work in a dedicated server

My cousin made a dedicated server, downloaded a few player models, and they don’t work. We can spawn them and see them fine, but we can’t use them as player models. I’m constantly an error sign, I try changing models but I’m still an error. My cousin says for a split second he sees me as one of the custom ones, but then changes to an error. For him, I saw him as a soldier from MW2, and then he changed to an overwatch. I think it has something to do with ASSmod; can anyone verify this?

The problem here could be that he has the skins installed clientside, but not on the server.

If that were the case then they would be Klieners, not errors.

Fixed, removed assmod and it worked…

ASSmod uses certain models for different player groups unless you tell it not to.

Not sure why they’d be errors though.