Custom Player Models Error

Ok so im trying to make a job with a custom player model from Garrysmod site not the steam workshop i down the models and materials and put them in my models folder where i put my workshops ones then i add resource.AddFile line to the Workshop file but nor me and other player can see the model just an error is there a way to use custom models without steam workshop?

Your resource.lua file goes under lua/autorun/server and inside add:

 resource.AddFile( "file/path/here" )
--and for workshop
resource.AddWorkshop( "12345678" )

You can use AddFile rather than Workshop but unless you have a webhost you’ll have slow dl’s that cap at 64MB. Make sure sv_download is 1 if using ServerDL

resource.AddFile( “file/path/here” )

That isnt working for some reason i downloaded a model from Garrysmod dot org and its an error also do models and materials have to be in a certain folder for them not to come up as errors or can i make a folder in Addons called Playermodels and use Gmad to extract the models and put them in the playermodel folder

I’m having the same problem, worked on my old server… Now it wont do anything at all.

as long as the files have a addon.txt then you can move that folder into garrysmod/addons. Otherwise you can upload the files into their specified paths.

So if i upload them to the path do i have to the the resource thing or will people see them without the resource line also do i AddFile for all files models materials ect or will people see them anyways?

Unless the client has already downloaded the files then no they will NOT see the models. (Excluding workshop content in which case they will need to redownload the workshop content)
You MUST have all models and materials in your fastDL or else others will NOT see the model. If they already have that model file then it will skip over those and continue with the rest.