Custom player models on other servers

This might never work but here goes.

Alright here’s my idea. I think it would help alot with originality.

Instead of the current player model system, there’s a player model folder in garrysmod/garrysmod and you put your models in there.

When you start gmod you go to options and then to a model tab, where you choose your player model. At that point you can then go into a server and it automatically uploads to the server (model and texture). That way everyone can have their own custom model! But you can’t change it while in a game.

Servers will also have the option to enable this or disable this.

I think this would be a great way to show clans and give yourself some originality.

I’ve posted this in 3 different places and hope someone sees it.

tl;dr but

Hurr lets use the old exploit to write a batch file as a mdl file and upload that to the server.

Is what would happen from my brief read of it.

I hope it works. It’s a great idea. It’s useful. But if you had like a 50mb playermodel that was shit, and then you had to upload it to a server, everyone would be pissed.

I don’t know, maybe because it’s temporary it gets put into an online cache for the server instead of the hard drive?

My clan already has a custom skin thing but you know what?


The only flaw with your idea is that people would have to silently download something everytime they joined the server and a different player with a model of their own came in. It could be a problem. Maybe it could happen and maybe it’ll turn out good, I don’t necessarily think it’s bad nor do I support it, but I’ll say I’d try it out if it worked.


People could fuck server up so bad…Oh there I go rambling again.

1 point to the person who tells me what that’s from

Player models are too heavy to be treated like sprays are…

That’s a great idea! However, people would have bad connections, and some models might be too big. You never know. It’s a possibility.