Custom Player Models Showing As Errors To Other Players!

I have a DarkRP server and my shared host comes with workshop fastdl but the workshop isn’t auto downloading the models for people it seems. I have also setup a resource.lua to see if that works and I added the ID of the player model which is Osama Bin Laden.

That is my resource.lua

if ( SERVER ) then
resource.AddWorkshop( “112606459” );
resource.AddWorkshop( “119146471” );
resource.AddWorkshop( “119148120” );
resource.AddWorkshop( “126921199” );
resource.AddWorkshop( “112986621” );
resource.AddWorkshop( “175002964” );

Someone please help!

Did you setup the workshop addons in a collection and add the collection ID and api key to your command line?

Yes my addons install when people join just the models don’t seem to be downloading for people when they join the server!

I’ve never actually mounted addons before, i just de-compile them and then create a resource and add it to my download list (along with the content).

Well aslong as it works can you tell me exactly how to do that please?

Do you have fast-dl if yes then,
Get all the workshop addons you want, look in your addons folder and find the gmad files for them.
go grab a gmad extractor I think this will work
Then go extract the gmad once done go into your server files and into lua/autorun/server make a new lua file called whatever.lua and then grab and run it on the extracted files.
Paste that in the lua file and add the extracted gmad files into addons.

Try this.

Or you can do what I do, make an addon incorporating all of your needed models, materials, sounds, etc… that you need for your server, get the files using the GMAD Extractor, then make the addon, publish it (make sure to set the Privacy to Public), then add it to the fastdl, or add it to a collection, then add the collection id as the server workshop download, or both just in case.

I started doing what you said and added the extracted files of the models and materials to a seperate folder but I’m not sure quite how to publish it. Am I doing it right so far though?

Do this exactly and you will publish a addon…

  1. In the Start Menu as I assume you have Windows 7 by the look of it, search cmd, then type this in the prompt
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\bin (or where ever you have GMOD Installed)
  2. Then type
    gmad.exe create -folder “C:\Users\PcAccountName\Desktop\end_round\NGServerContent” -out “C:\Users\PcAccountName\Desktop\end_round\NGServerContent.gma”
    Change the first directory to the folder containing you models, materials, sounds (WARNING!!! Remember to have the models, materials, sounds, etc in their respectable folders, as in if it is a material, then it should be in a materials folder, model for model, etc.) and second directory to the folder you want the .gma to be created in.
  3. Type
    gmpublish create -addon “C:\Users\PcAccountName\Desktop\end_round\NGServerContent.gma” -icon “C:\Dropbox ests\workshop\out.jpg”
    Change the first directory to the location of the .gma, and the second directory for the icon for the addon.
    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help but when I try the second step I get this error: C:/Users/Cami/Desktop/Osama Bin Laden Extra Files/addon.json error: Couldn’t find file. Could you please help me do this over teamviewer or talk me through it. Please add my Steam account its LoadingMeerkat. I will appreciate it very much if you do this for me please!

I added you on Steam, but if you see this first, create a new file called addon.json in the folder containing the materials, models, sounds folders and then paste this inside it using Notepad or whatever, of course remember to change the Name :stuck_out_tongue:

“title” : “Name for how Addon will appear in Workshop”,
“type” : “servercontent”,
“tags” : [ “fun”, “roleplay” ],
“ignore” :

Then try again :slight_smile:

Thank you for fixing over teamviewer for me :slight_smile: