Custom Playermodel = CRASH SERVER?

Hey guys

I just want to know if custom playermodels can crash a server.

Because i noticed that my server is crashing a lot after adding some custom playermodels

Not unless you are uploading the player models to the server. Which there is no need to do since player models are purely used on the clients side so they only need to be downloaded by the client.

Can i add you on steam please?

You’ll probably want them on the server for prediction/trace purposes. Also, they cannot crash a server unless they have a vertex or hitbox problem that would cause crazy physics.

They actually can.

I made a lot of custom playermodels (18 to be exact) and now, my server started crashing randomly after 30minutes to 1hour

I want to know which playermodel is causing this?

I added -debug on my launch settings and got this in the debug.log:

I rigged the playermodel correctly, and weighted it to make it looks good

But i used a phymodel.smd that was not mine
I decompiled a playermodel and took the phymodel.smd

And now, my server is crashing randomly without any reason!

I really need your help guys please

Generate your own physics model; t’s supposed to match your model.

But the phymodel matches my models perfectly, and i don’t have any issue with it, the hitboxes are working fines, i think the issue is coming from the ragdoll.smd or the .qc file

What prediction and trace purposes? Does that mean they should be uploaded?

All player models obviously should be uploaded to the server.

Why is that though, could you give an explanation?

Are you serious? What makes you think you DON’T need to upload models to the server?
How do you expect the physics to work without the model files on the server?

Woah… calm down I was just asking not saying you where wrong. No need to be rude.

He wasn’t rude at all; he was just saying.

I need to know why my playermodels are making my server Crash

I heard about the Slerpbone crash, but i need to get more informations about it?
Please Rubat can you give me some informations about what’s doing this, so i can know how to fix my playermodels!

Thank you sir

What makes you think I know how to fix it?

If i can give you my debug.log do you think that you can identify the problem? or what do you need to know what’s causing this because i’m planning to release a lot of cool palyermodels for the Garry’s Mod community, but all of them makes my server Crash :confused: so please, can we works together and find out what’s doing this. i can provide all what do you need to fix this.

bugbait + bad model = crash?

Why don’t you try removing playermodels one at a time and only having one on the server at a time so you figure out which playermodels cause the server to crash and or if its the combination of player models together that does it