custom playermodel/npc request('s) Could see if they say in this thread I think they do somewhere. Likely to be a .nif converter or 3D Ripper DX.

could we please not talk about frickin oblivion on my player request thread? thank you

and if you can get this done soon i would aprieciate this, oh and do you guys happen to know where i can get an mgs3 snake DoD npc?

any news guys?

I think it’s unlikely anyone will try and model that, mainly due to the pictures not being of high enough detail or standard to be usable by anyone professional and if someone without experience tried to model from them, who knows what you’d end up with @.@

Providing cartoony pics wont help with this.

…i’ll try another computer picture…but try to make it a lot better


Here’s some advice from the great GordoFremen :stuck_out_tongue: (took me forever to find the thread but it has some good advice for what your trying).

actualy i made the picture yesterday a little more of a better computer drawing…just need to figure out how to get hand drawing and it might be easier…front back side also

hmm…ill edit it a bit more and post it










so can someone do it…its better than the other pictures


just asking if anyone can do this

just asking if theres news…is there…


asking for news

hello can i ask if someone is doing this?

Same as Silver said earlier. Bad drawings won’t help this. And I doubt any one will model this for you, unless you actually PM them. That was how I got my 5 fingered citizen with a t-shirt modelled over a shirt.

fine…but instead of pm’s i will draw with an actual piece of paper and scan it…how about that?

If you are a good drawer, and can draw the right anatomy of a metrocop, go for it.

yeah im good at drawing…ill send you a wolverine in city 17 clothes

its pretty good i think

okay can someone please do this…im not posting my scanned drawings because i think i rushed them

anyone up to it

As I said before, bad drawings in Paint won’t help you get this.

…fine fine fine… i did a near perfect hl1 hev suit replica drawing on a notepad so this shouldnt be too hard…also ive changed my mind, the model wont have a trench coat just only enlongated shoulderpads

…lets go to google images and spen 48 minutes then…


finished the picture

how do you scan on a vista agian?

You need a scanner for starters. Then you put you’re image on it face down. After it scans, a program will open up showing the picture. Save the pic, resize if it’s too big, crop, etc. Then post it up here like how you’re doing or with [ IMG ] [ /IMG ] tags. (minus the spaces)

you know if you read earlier post’s you would know i did scan other pictures but it was rushed, but i forget how to open the thing too scan the paper


go it

it is alot different than the first but its better, had to scan it twice because it cut off the top of the head

anyway now its mostly a re-skin with longer shoulder pads

good luck and also… can i have a cs:S view model for it?

so can anybody do this?