Custom Playermodels disappear on death. (ragdolls)

I added a few new playermodels to my server, and they ragdolls disappear when they die. I have no clue what to do.

Make sure that the ragdoll .mdl is on the server (+host_workshop_collection works too), and you are sending it to the clients either by FastDL or WorkshopDL.

I use WorkshopDL and im sure i added it. Can you explain what randoll.mdl is? If you meant ragdoll, i know that it is because other playermodels work.

Is it only one specific playermodel?

No, i installed 2 and they both are broken. i installed one about a week ago and it worked just fine

Do you mind posting the playermodels?

Are these models bugged or something?

Did you extract the .gma into a legacy addon and upload it to your server manually? And by randoll .mdl I think he meant ragdoll. The .mdl of the model should be uploaded to the server. Check if it is.

The ragdoll.mdl in each playermodel or in the whole server?

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Oh i found it, it works now. :slight_smile: Thank you guys so much!