Custom Playermodels for pointshop

Hi does anyone know how to add custom player models from workshop to be purchasable on my server using points shop. Say for example i want this to be selectable for purchase to be used in server. is there a code generator software i can use or does anyone have a TUT video or guide i can follow to do so. Any information will be a great help.

You don’t have to use that model since Portal 2 Chell is now included with GMod by default.

Putting the custom model on your server


  1. Upload the model to your FastDL server and BZIP it.
  2. Create a resource.AddFile lua file containing the path to that model(s). Put it in lua/autorun/server.


  1. Create a resource.AddWorkshop lua file containing the workshop ID of the model.

  2. Collections aren’t supported by resource.AddWorkshop; if you are using multiple models, you must make a resource.AddWorkshop line for each ID.

  3. Put the model on your server using +host_workshop_collection or putting the files in your server’s directories.

Pointshop Directions

  1. Copy & paste the default kleiner.lua file in pointshop/lua/items/playermodels; rename it to whatever you want.
    2a. Change ITEM.Model’s path to the path relative to your custom model.
    2b. If you are wanting to add a default model, open garrysmod_dir.vpk in common/GarrysMod/garrysmod with GCFScape to find the path of the model you want to use.
  2. Save the lua file, change the map or restart the server, and your model should be there!

People ask this shit way too much…

well how els are people goin to know about “this shit” untill told how to do so. Thank you code_gs i shall give it a go tomorrow.

Well you could google it and find many different sources…

Also here’s the resource generator that I use. (Fox’s Resource Generator with extra file extensions already added for you)

For some reason my server is not allowing clients to download the files that is in my resource.lua file.

Here is an excerpt from the lua file :


I have placed this file in 2 locations right now with no success:

also I have double checked the filepath on the server as well as the fastDL and they are there on the servers.

Any idea?

It was working pre-gmod 14 update, but something seemed to have broke it

You put it in lua/autorun/server and not at all in the gamemodes folder.

(Also there is no Gmod 14. Wait for the update.)

I just dropped it also in


Didn’t seem to make any difference

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nothing seems to work. I have lots of other addons that have separate resource.AddFile(" scripts in them and still, nothing is downloading.

Everything in my server.cfg seems to be put correctly. I have the following:

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
cl_allowdownload 1
cl_allowupload 1
cl_downloadfilter all

Oddly, all my custom maps load right up (through the fastDL server) but I have had no success in loading any other custom files.

Hi thank you for the help but im having a problem. The playermodel shows up as an error rarther than the model itself. I have followed this TUT video on youtube butall im getting is the error. do you know how i can gets this to work the correct way.

  1. Make sure the model is uploaded to game or FastDL server
  2. Make sure model path is correct

Post your Pointshop code.

ok i have uploaded 2 files that you can look into saving me having to copy paste and you may be able to edit them aswell and can use it as a template for the rest of the playermodels i will be using.

Change ‘r_eng_f/models/resis_engineer_female.mdl’ to ‘models/resis_engineer_female.mdl’

Also, delete everything above the second if (SERVER) then in your resource.AddFile lua file. It’s useless.

Hi i made a stupid mistake i actually gave you a rogdoll model. it worked but as u may know its not animated. i used the same method as you mentioned but cant get it to show without error. is there any chance someone could help me with actual playermodels. i be willing to contribute something if you are able to show me or teach. me how to do this

I can try convert it to a playermodel; post the model.

ok for example i want this in my pointshop as a purchase. but i want to separate the green from the blue so im only using the blue model.

i have added the that model folder inside the addon folder as lucario player model and inside that is

here is the dropbox link for the addon i want to add to pointshop.

if this works and i get my others working then a big thannk you from me because i have asked so many people to help and even posted a job on codehire for help but no luck. But since your the only one helping and know what your doin i reken you can easily do it as ive seen your other posts on here.

By chance, are you using dropbox as your FastDL host?

I am yes sorry i forgot to mention it. i am also using workshop collection download aswell. in my dropbox i have a public folder inside that is GMOD folder and in that are map,models and materials. I use the link from the GMOD folder for the sv_downloadurl “”

Hi hows the player model for my pointshop, will it be done soon. so eager to get my server running with atleast 5 working player models