Custom playermodels in gamemode have their arms out

Ok, this has me stumped. I have tried a ton of different custom playermodels taken from, and all of them show up in game like mingebags, with their arms out. They all said they worked as playermodels and that they had the proper animations. I think its much more likely that I’m doing something wrong here than that every playermodel on is broken. The models are in the gamemode content folder if that makes a difference. Halp!

Heres some code in my init.lua:

util.PrecacheModel( “models/player/whatever.mdl” )

function GM:PlayerSetModel( ply ) //this is where player models get set

ply:SetModel( "models/player/whatever.mdl" )


Can people choose their model, or is it set for them, and are you trying to use custom weapons?

The players model is picked for them based on a few conditions in the GM:PlayerModel function that I omitted, so no, the players don’t choose their model. There is one custom weapon in the gamemode, but the player doesn’t spawn with it. Why?

It might have been a reason why it wasn’t working.

Anyone have any idea? Broken animations maybe? Should I repost this in the Lua section?

It depends what animations your gamemode is making the model use.
Some RP gamemodes make the player use the NPC animations.

uhhh It’s a gamemode that I’m making so I don’t really know that. Am I supposed to specify the animation somewhere?

Can anyone help me? Has anyone else had this problem?