Custom playermodels in gamemode have their arms out

Ok, this has me stumped. I have tried a ton of different custom playermodels taken from, and all of them show up in game like mingebags, with their arms out. They all said they worked as playermodels and that they had the proper animations. I think its much more likely that I’m doing something wrong here than that every playermodel on is broken. The models are in the gamemode content folder if that makes a difference. Halp!

Heres some code in my init.lua:

util.PrecacheModel( “models/player/whatever.mdl” )

function GM:PlayerSetModel( ply ) //this is where player models get set

ply:SetModel( "models/player/whatever.mdl" )  


What gamemode is it?

One that I’m working on.

Are you deriving from the base gamemode at all?

Also, you can use Model(“model/name/here.mdl”)

It will precache the model and it will also return the path.

local model = Model(“models/player/whatever.mdl”)

function GM:PlayerSetModel( ply ) //this is where player models get set



Yes, it derives from base but not sandbox.

I will use that little trick you pointed out. Can I name “model” anything I want?

It’s a variable, so yes.

And I thought the problem was that the SetPlayerAnimation function wasn’t set up.

I’m going to assume base has something like this built in so that I don’t have to do it?


Ah ok. Should I maybe override the built in function with the one on that page?

You may aswell, that’s what I did for my gamemode and it fixed my animations.

Alright, I’ll do that. Thanks to everyone in this thread!

Sorry…adding that didn’t help. I even tried deriving from sandbox to see if that had anything to do with it. Any other ideas?

Exactly what model are we talking about? Any links? This might not be a model with player animations.

any of these:

The model has to be present on the server and client for it to function correctly.

I have them in the gamemode’s content folder, is that correct?

They have to follow the filepaths they were provided in. Simply dumping them in the content folder will not work.