Custom Playermodels (Not Working)

Okay heres all of what i’v done.

  1. Had these 3 files materials, models, lua. In materials were the materials, in models were the models, and in lua was the file that reads the materials/models
  2. I extracted all of the materials/models to the main gmod directory on the server.
  3. I put the lua file into the lua/autorun folder of the server.
  4. It downloads the files, but when i put in the modelname for cl_playermodel it shows me as an error.
  5. I’v added resource.AddFile to my Init.
  6. I’v made it into an addon with Lua/Models/Materials in a file in the addons folder on the server

Heres 2 lines from my init.lua in the base code.

Heres 2 lines from my lua file both in my addons and in my lua/autorun on the server
player_manager.AddValidModel( “agentsmith”, “models/playermodels/bf334/smith/smith.mdl” )
//list.Set( “PlayerOptionsModel”, “agentsmith”, “models/playermodels/bf334/smith/smith.mdl” )

I added the // on list.Set so that people cannot choose the playermodel.

So in total 6 directories.


materials/palyermodels/bf335/Material folders with materials
models/playermodels/bf335/Model folders with models


[editline]10th November 2011[/editline]

Problem fixed.

Show us the fix please (^ー^)