Custom Polygon Man Model?

anyone know if they could manage to make a custom model of him? his only appearance in an actual game is Playstation All-Stars as the final boss, he seems he could be somewhat easy, but as odd as this sounds i can make decent custom models of characters, but i dont know how to make lower poly ones like he would be, the squared polygons or pointed edges instead of smooth shapes lol

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also about extracting him, he was only in the full version of Playstation All-Stars, and the .psarc files for the full game disc are encrypted, but i have the .psarc file if anyone knows how to decrypt them


I think someone in xentax made a working script a few days ago. You’ll have to pay the donation fee to get registration access or ask someone with a registered account to download it tho’.

That script will only work with models extracted by a ram dump.

i already have a xentax account, but wasnt aware of this recent post so thanks, i didnt think anyone would go through the trouble to get some of the final version models for that game