Custom PropHunt Sounds

Hi guys, before asking a few questions. Did you put it inside the sound/ folder?: Yes
Did you put them in the config.lua for prophunt?: Yes
Did you make sure the names or directories are correct?: Yes.
Did you make sure people could download them?: Obviously yes.

So what is your problem?

The problem is I have tried different directories but all I get is missing errors of the sound file for the taunts(Hunters, tried, nothing, normal taunts folder, nothing).

The only thing I got after a while was “Unsupported 32-bit WAVE file”

My question is how would I go about getting this to work as even ULX would not play it but says invalid sound?

Help is really appreciated on this subject, thank you dears.

Is it a 32-bit WAVE file?

If no then use Sony Vegas Pro or Audacity or any other program to export it as a 32-bit .wav file.