Custom props.

So here im showing off my custom props, of course they are not 5 star valve made props with high quality of textures and shaders like from cryengine 3. But im trying my best to make these props as complicated, as possible (not too complicated)

[video] [/video]
The most up-to-date video about my props.

I have to say a lot of that stuff does look pretty good but really, you CAN use more polys than what you are using and I would really, really, advise it.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Very nice looking, also great test room. Did you use a custom entry for propdata? because I noticed that you had some different sounds.

Also, if you do make them higher-poly, you can just use your originals as LODs.

EDIT: If you have time, would you mind looking over this tutorial-in-progress for me? I’m trying to make it as understandable as possible, and could use some feedback on anything that might make it better for people making custom props.

The sounds are difrent because i record this demo in portal 2, i’ll take time to read your tutorial