Custom props

hey guys, I’d like to start making my own props but I have no idea where and how to start. Can someone give me a good starting place or a list of what programs I need? Thanks a bunch!

I’ve googled already. Most people already have some experience with modeling. I have none. I just want a place to get started

  1. its not lua
  2. google it.

There is a tuto on youtube, though i have forgotten where. You need some programs like a modeler ( milkshake3d , blender , … )and a compiler.


Also, you can do it in lua, but it’s WAY easier to do it as a model

Try the modeling section.

Come on guys we have to be nice about this.

Alright go tot he modeling section of the facepunch forum and search idk maybe “modeling tutorial” or just search “tutorial” in the modeling section. Sorry we cant be a help to you but this section of the forum is only for lua scripting of garrys mod. Sorry

OOOOHHHH…i’m sorry. i’ll go try the modeling section then hahaha

Haha its no problem man, just check next time :slight_smile: Good luck

Nobody was being harsh about it. You just told him, what we had just said.

Its just the way your wrote it you know, its like being smart about it. Sorry im like really self conscious and that’s how i felt about how what you guys where saying you know. Sorry