Custom Ragdoll doesn't spawn correctly

I compiled my ragdoll and at first it spawned as an effect, so I went into HLMV and added hitboxes. Dow when I click the spawn icon, nothing happens. If I press Z it said it undid a ragdoll, but nothing ever spawned.

Can you post the VMT? Maybe the VMT file is LightmappedGeneric. If it is, change it to VertexlitGeneric.

I see where you’re going. Like I said, before it was just spawning as an effect. My bad for not mentioning that it was the model, but in effect form. Textures and everything. I added the hitboxes and now it spawns nothing. I can hold down the physgun and look straight down and nothing will get grabbed.


There’s a ghost in this one spot that comes and goes after I spawn it.

Your Phymodel is wrong. Phymodels are out of objects, 1 object = 1 bone. I guess you just took the reference and its just 1 mesh.