custom ragdoll eyeposer problem

im making ragdoll that i may turn into a player model too but ive run into a problem with the eyes. i set up the eyes in the qc file and they eyes worked perfectly and followed me around in HLMV but when i spawned my ragdoll in gmod its eyeswould look in the same direction and had no limits, meaning if i turned the head 360 degrees around, they would point in the same direction and spin all the way around. also eye poser has no effect on it. it seems to be looking at a certain coordinate cus when i move it around the map the eyes change angle a bit

could someone more experienced than me help me out?


…21 hours and only 21 views?

The model needs to a flex file (.vta) of some kind. The flex doesn’t have to move anything, but just having it should fix the problem.

ZOMG i wuv u it worked =D i have been trying to solve this problem for 3 days. didnt think the flex part was important so i didnt put it into the qc. heres a cooky