Custom Ragdoll model?

Hey there everyone! How’s it going?
Hey I was wondering since you all are so perfect and talented, would it be possible if someone or two could make a custom ragdoll for me?

It would use this head:

And use this body:

(I T-posed it so it was most visible)

So when combined, this would be the result:

<----I delfated ME3 Garrus’ head and deflated the Mass Effect head and then no clollided it for an example.

This is where I found the head:

And this is where I found the body:

Would it be okay? Please please please?

Thank you for your time!

I’ll send it to you as soon as I figure out why the faceposing decided to say ‘fuck you’.

Oh my god, thank you sooo much! You rock man!

It wasn’t really hard, both of the models had their bodies and heads in seperate files (like, the helmeted one had both the armor and the helmet seperate, same for the unhelmeted.)
Just had to swap them around, really.

Ohhh, well that does seem simple ^^;
But I’ve never tried headhacking before…its confusing. I loked it up and it was massive.

Oh and I sent you a friend request on steam

Sweet ^^
I accepted it.

Could you upload this somewhere to make it downloadable.

If you already have the two packs in the OP (textures), then here’s just the model.

It opens the link but then returns me to the thread without giving me the download do you know whats wrong?

Right click > Save as

Thanks for the download and the help.